Given the nature of the information we hold (medical and health data) and the personal data we hold (name, dob, contact details, GP, consultant, insurance company) and that we do not use the data for any marketing purposes we will not contact every person on our system to inform them of the changes to the privacy policy. We also, never pass your details on for any marketing purposes for other organisations. We have taken the steps to put all the information on our website and will inform all 'live' clients that book appointments from 24/05/18 onwards about these changes via the information below being inserted into their confirmation emails.

We also have created new Terms and Conditions and Consent Form to take account of the changes, which all new and existing clients will be asked to confirm.

Additional text to appointment emails to inform clients of data changes:

***** Please read below regarding your personal data *****

GDPR laws are changing the way we have to seek permission to store and use your personal data. We are not a company that uses your data for anything other than communication regarding appointments, money owed or for the requirements of legal contracts (insurance companies, etc.) or health matters (e.g. your GP or consultant)

May 2018